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This page is dedicated to letting the voting public know where Texas candidates stand on enacting legislation that would allow defendants to inform the jury about their power to acquit based on conscience and remove the jury selection filter that eliminates jurors of conscience from serving.


These candidates have actively worked for jury power legislation passage in the past.

Gary Elkins - State Representative District 135 (R - Houston) #

Introduced legislation in 1997 and actively worked for its passage.  Explored viable alternatives for legislation in 1999.

Jerry Patterson - former State Senate - currently running for Land Commissioner (R) * #

Introduced Elkins' bill in the Senate in 1997.


These active incumbent candidates have co-authored or co-signed jury independence legislation in the past:

  • Ken Yarbrough - State Representative 138 (D - Houston) - Joint-authored 1993, 95 & 97 legislation #
  • Ray Allen - State Representative 106 (R - Grand Prairie) - Co-authored 1993 and 1995 legislation
  • Debra Danburg - State Representative 134 (D - Houston) - Co-authored 1993 and 1995 legislation #
  • Frank Corte - State Representative 122 (R - San Antonio) - Co-authored 1993 legislation
  • Kenny Marchant - State Representative 99 (R - Coppell) - Co-authored 1993 legislation #


Lone Star FIJA is in the process of contacting candidates who have 2002 primary opponents to determine their stance on informed jury legislation.  In the meantime, candidates can email statements of their support to and supporters will be listed here.  If you are meeting your local candidates, ask them where they stand on fully informed jury legislation, and encourage them to let us know of their support.  Bolded brown means a candidate who currently does not support jury power.  Unbolded blue names means a candidate who replied with no or response.  Bolded blue names indicates some level of support.  Bolded red words are the actions that the candidates definitely plan to make.  Underlined bolded red  statements are from a candidate who pledges to do everything we could hope for jury power legislation. 


  • Jerry Yost - District 1 (R - Longview) - Pledges to actively support, co-author, vote for, and possibly sponsor jury power legislation!  He served as a State Representative for 7 terms from 1984 to 1997 and is running against an incumbent State Senator.
  • Lester Phipps - District 18 (R - Rosenberg) - Pledges to actively support, sponsor, and vote for jury power legislation!  No web.  Phone: (281) 344-8353


  • Barry Telford - District 1 (D - DeKalb) (Incumbent) - Sent letter stating that he rarely responds to questionnaires because, "they normally want simple answers to very complex issues."
  • Mickey Cooper - District 2 (R - Emory) - Pledges to vote for jury power legislation and possibly joint or co-author, introduce, or actively prioritize its passage.  No web.  Phone:  (903) 268-7422.
  • Herman Hans Reicher - District 8 (D - Groesbeck) - Pledges to vote for and joint or co-author jury power legislation, and possibly introduce and actively support.
  • Rob Eissler - District 15 (R - The Woodlands) - His Campaign Manager replied with a letter stating that she has asked Mr. Eissler not to reply to surveys and questionnaires due to time constraints.
  • Kerry Williams - District 15 (R - The Woodlands) - Is opposed to informing jurors of their rights and powers for fear of abuse.  We appreciate Mr. Williams courage in responding to our survey, even though negative.  We hope with those kind of straight-forwardness, that we can persuade him to our point of view.
  • Kathi Seay - District 20 (R - Georgetown) - Pledges to vote for and joint or co-author jury power legislation, and possibly introducing and actively working for such.
  • Gary W. Gates, Jr. - District 28 (R - Richmond) - Pledges to sponsor and vote for, and possibly work actively for jury power legislation
  • Eddy González - District 40 (D - Edcouch) - Pledges to actively support, co-author, vote for, and possibly sponsor jury power legislation!  Phone: (956) 867-4226
  • Jerry Mikus - District 50 (R - Pflugerville) - Pledges to co-author and vote for, and possibly sponsor and work actively for jury power legislation.
  • Charles Luke - District 60 (R - Lipan) - Pledges to actively support, sponsor, and vote for jury power legislation!  Phone: (817 578-9883
  • Jeri Slone - District 72 (D - San Angelo) - Pledges to vote, and possibly co-sponsor and actively work for jury power legislation.  Phone:  (915) 658-8631
  • Diane Dasher -  District 73 (R - Canyon Lake) - Pledges to actively support, sponsor, and vote for jury power legislation!
  • Delwin Jones - District 83 (D - Lubbock) - Was kind enough to reply to the questionnaire, but did not answer.  His reasoning was, "I consider that answering questionnaires on legislative issues to be a promise in order to get support for election.  This would be a Constitutional violation of the Oath of Office we must take in order to serve, if elected."  Even though we disagree with his interpretation of the Texas Constitution (we cannot imagine the founders intended politicians to avoid telling where they stand on the issues), we respect his stand on principle. We hope Representative Jones' commitment to the Texas Constitution will extend to Article 1, Section 8, and therefore to jury power legislation.
  • Bill Keffer - District 107 (R - Dallas) -  Although our survey seems to have gotten lost in the mail, Mr. Keffer has reviewed our web site, and has emailed us that he agrees with all the questions on our regular survey!  Hence, a perfect score.
  • George West - District 123 (D - San Antonio) - Says, "I am for Jury Power and would decide how far to go after surveying the new legislature."  No phone or web page listed on Democratic or Secretary of State web pages.  Address:  PO Box 12373, San Antonio, TX 78212
  • Arthur Reyna - District 125 (D - San Antonio) (Incumbent) - Replied with letter, but declined to take a position.  After asking a lot of questions, in which he was clearly considering our point of view, he indicated in  Criminal Jurisprudence Committee hearings in 1997 that he thought he agreed with jury power legislation opponents. We would love to spend more time with him.  We think he might change his mind and see it our way, someday.
  • Mark Cole - District 134 (R - Houston) - Pledges to vote, and possibly sponsor and actively support jury power legislation.
  • Alma Zepeda - District 148 (D - Houston) - Pledges to actively support and vote for, and possibly sponsor or co-sponsor jury power legislation.  Phone:  (713) 302-7388


These active candidates have signed questionnaires in the past stating their support for jury power legislation:

  • Leo Berman - State Representative 6 (R - Tyler)
  • Kim Brimer - running for State Senate 10 (R - Fort Worth) formerly State Rep
  • Betty Brown - State Representative 4 (R - Terrell)
  • Fred Brown - State Representative 14 (R - College Station) *
  • Mary Denny - State Representative 63 (R - Aubrey)
  • Joe Driver - State Representative 113 (R - Garland)
  • Al Edwards - State Representative 146 (D - Houston) - (verbal endorsement)
  • Michael Galloway - State Senate 4 (R - The Woodlands) * #
  • Domingo Garcia - State Representative 104 (D - Dallas) *
  • Pat Haggerty - State Representative 78 (R - El Paso)
  • Mike Krusee - State Representative 52 (R - Austin) * #
  • Jerry Madden - State Representative 67 (R - Richardson) *
  • Tommy Merritt - State Representative 7 (R - Longview) *
  • Joe Pickett - State Representative 79 (D - El Paso) *
  • Elvira Reyna - State Representative 101 (R - Mesquite)
  • Gene Seaman - State Representative 32 (R - Corpus Christi) #
  • Buddy West - State Representative 81 (R - Odessa)
  • Arlene Wohlgemuth - State Representative 58 (R - Burleson) * #

* - In a contested primary.  # - Will have contested general race. (Hint, they could use your help!)





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