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Official TX Jury Info

Other Sites of Interest


The National Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA)

The Jury Rights Project

FindLaw:  Internet Legal Resources

Texas Constitution on Jury Rights, Article 1, Section 8

Many discovered jury power through the Citizens Rule Book

Find Out Who Your Current Texas State Rep and Senator Are



Read the Jury Reform planks in the 2000, 1998, and 1996 Platforms of the Republican Party of Texas.

Democrats  -   Don't let the Republicans outshine you in the protection of civil liberties through jury power!  Click on the link to find out more about involvement in shaping the platform of the Democratic Party of Texas

See the third paragraph in the Judicial Abuses section of the 1994 Platform of the Libertarian Party of Texas

Environmental protesters sometimes want juries on their side.  Click here for the the Green Party of Texas

Here are some links of other political organizations in Texas that may interest readers of this site.  (Note that as a broad based coalition, Lone FIJA takes no position on the merits of the ideas promoted by other organizations.):

Texas Organizations:

Initiative for Texas

Jim Hightower Home Page

Associated Conservatives of Texas

American Civil Liberties Union of Texas

Justice for All

Texas State Rifle Association

Civil Liberties Defense Foundation

Texas Eagle Forum

Texas Observer

Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas

Texas Public Policy Foundation

Texas Justice Foundation

Texas Media Watch

Young Conservatives of Texas

Drug Policy Foundation of Texas

The R Club

Torch of Freedom Foundation

Texas Federation of Republican Women

Free Market Foundation


Daughters of Liberty

Constitution Society

Texas News Political News Sources:

Harvey Kronberg's Quorum Report

Texas Weekly

The Lone Star Report

The Austin Review

The Aggie Review

The Houston Review

The Link Letter

Contumacy - University of Texas Austin campus alternative newspaper

National Organizations:

Gun Owners of America

The November Coalition (the personal side of the casualties in the War on Drugs)

Oath Keepers

Center for the American Founding - Urges the elimination of nonopinions in Federal Appeals Courts

The Rule of Law Committee - Urges that all Federal Appeals Courts opinions be published - Site dedicated to news and issues on firearms freedoms

Here are some sites that link to ours:

The Policyholder Network -

Web Surf


Nerd World 


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