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1991 - HB 25

Introduced, but not supported by Ric Williamson (then D, now R - Weatherford) at request of constituent. There was virtually no organized support for the bill. Hearings were held in Criminal Jurisprudence Committee. Members of the Committee who were at the hearings and were still in the House in 1997 were Pete Gallego (D - Alpine) and Allen Place (D - Gatesville, 1993, 1995, and 1997 Chair of the Committee).  Steve Ogden (R - Bryan), now Senator Ogden was also at the hearing. The bill was not reported out of committee.

1993 - HB 2382

Introduced by former Justice of the Peace and freshman, John Longoria (D - San Antonio). The bill gained the following co-authors:

Jim Tallas (R - Sugar Land)                             Ken Yarbrough (D - Houston)

Debra Danburg (D - Houston)                    Ray Allen (R - Grand Prairie)

Frank Corte (R - San Antonio)                    Ken Marchant (R - Coppell)

Hearings were not held.

1995 - HB 2514

Introduced again by John Longoria. Ken Yarbrough joined as joint-author. Co-authors were:

Bill Siebert (R - San Antonio) Debra Danburg (D - Houston)

Ray Allen (R - Grand Prairie)

Al Edwards (D - Houston) volunteered to be listed as a joint-author, but Longoria (because of illness and a death in the family) was not able to connect with him to get the paperwork finished. The bill was never given a hearing in Allen Place’s Criminal Jurisprudence Committee.

The legislators who signed a questionnaire supporting the legislation, but did not co-author Mike Krusee (R - Austin), Arlene Wohlgemuth (R - Burleson), Mary Denny (R - Aubrey), Pat Haggerty (R - El Paso), Buddy West (R - Odessa), Kim Brimer (R - Arlington), Elvira Reyna (R - Mesquite), Joe Driver (R - Garland), Frank Corte (R- San Antonio), and two others who were not in the 1997 House.

1997 - HB 519 & SB 1667

Gary Elkins (R - Houston) introduced HB 519 and Ken Yarbrough (D - Houston) joint-authored. The Criminal Jurisprudence Committee held hearings, but the bill did not progress beyond that.

Senator Jerry Patterson introduced SB 1667, the companion bill to HB 519. It was assigned to the Jurisprudence Committee, but not heard.

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